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Comfort, the Enemy of Progress.

Transform your body and lose fat with V Physique : Body by Design.


So who exactly are V Physique?


V Physique was set up by Anthony Varenne back in 2012 with the aim of providing their clients not only results but help, motivation and support. V Physique are based out of Pure Gym Leeds south which is very central and located just opposite the Corn Exchange.  Our aim was to provide our clients not only with amazing results but, honest advice, help, motivation and the right mind set to continue with their fitness journey with or without us.


V Physique offer a range of services from Personal Training, Group PT Sessions, we help people lose weight, get fit, get strong and even help with injury rehab and pre and post operation rehab.  In addition to being a Personal Trainer Ant is also a Level 4 Qualified Sports Massage Therapist, and owns Circle 8 Massage which is one of Leeds best Sports massage practices having not only featured on Leeds list but also having recently massaged TEAM-USA the elite American Triathlon team.


What makes V Physique different to other Personal Trainers in Leeds?


We have been there and done it, I am a Personal Trainer today because I hired a Personal Trainer many years ago myself.  I used to be fat basically, unhappy with my body, super unfit and found exercise difficult and not enjoyable!  I decided to hire my own Personal Trainer in Leeds and after a few months, I started to notice quite a big difference, not only in terms of my body changing but also my energy levels and I even started looking forward to training and going to the gym.

Having been both the trainer & the client I know exactly how you will feel during the process and it’s not an easy process.  It will be hard, you will feel tired, you will hate me and even want to punch me in the face at certain points, but if you put in as much hard work, effort and determination as I will we will succeed.


Over the years here at V Physique we have trained man different clients, from different back grounds, different goals,  people that love the gym to people that absolutely hate going but we can promise you we will help you every step of the way.  Check out our BLOG on some great tips regarding diet and training.


What do V Physique Specialise in?


We mainly specialise in Body Transformation through resistance training and HIIT training, but also specialise in boxing for fitness, Injury and rehab and fat loss.  Basically we will get you the body we want, if you head over to our Transformations page you can see some of the amazing results we have achieved over the years.


Also slightly more niche but we also specialise in Vegetarian and Vegan training and nutrition plan and we offer all of the above in the form of our Online Training packages.


Let us help you on your fitness journey.


Vegan & Vegetarian 

It is not easy being a vegetarian or a vegan when it comes to the gym and losing fat & gaining muscle.  These type of diets tend to be very high in carbs and getting a good nutrient balance can be quite difficult.   Generally a lot of vegan protein sources also contain quite a substantial amount of carbs so getting sufficient protein without overdoing carbs can be quite difficult.

We specalise in writing vegan and vegetarian diets for fat loss &/or muscle building, these diets will be personalised to you and your goals and certainly doesn't need to consist of boring foods!

Please visit our Vegetarian & Vegan page for more information.

Circle 8 Massage

Circle 8 Massage are on of Leeds City Centre's leading Sports Massage Practices, specialising in Sports Massage, Deep tissue massage & Injury and rehab.  Massage can aid training in many ways by releasing tight muscles, soothing aches and pains to releasing that tight back from being sat at a desk all day.

From Postural issues, to injuries & even pre or post operation Circle 8 massage will be able to help you.

Having worked with Olympic athletes and the TEAMUSA elite triathlon team, rest assured you are in safe hands as we are very well qualified.


Please visit Circle 8 Massage and book your treatment today.


Training & Nutrition

In addition to the personal training I do, I design personalised Training plans & Nutrition plans for both males & females in the Leeds area & nationwide.  These plans are 100% based on your goals and are individually made for you.

Whether you are looking to get fit, lose fat, add muscle a personalised plan will be far more beneficial than following the latest tips from a health magazine or joining weight watchers because these to not take in to account your personal circumstances.

If you stick to the plan there is no reason why you won't get amazing results 

Please visit our online section for more information.