Online Personal Training 



Full Online Personal Training Package

Don't live in Leeds or don't have the time to commit to a Personal Trainer in a gym?  Well we have the next best thing, introducing our Online Personal Training Full Package!

What is the Online Personal Training Full Package?

This consists of an Online Consultation, Monthly Stats, Personalised Training Plan, Personalised Nutrition Plan including a good food list and also a Macro Nutrient breakdown.  The Training Plan will be tailored to your exact goal.

What's the difference between this & normal Personal Training?

The only difference will be that you don't have anyone 1-2-1 sessions, all the other programming from your training plan to your nutrition plan will be identical.

What will I receive in the Full Package?

A full training program, personalised and structured for your own unique goals.  We will select the best exercises, set the number of reps, sets, the speed at which to complete the reps and also your rest and recovery time.  These plans are purely individual and no plan is the same.  Our plans can be used to help you gain muscle or lose fat, get stronger and even to help postural dysfunctions or injury rehab.

A full Nutrition plan based on your body type, with foods that you actually like and enjoy eating.  The nutrition plan will be personalised to your goal whether it be fat loss or muscle gain, you get a good food list, macro breakdown list, the amount of calories, carbs, fat & protein you need.  The nutrition plan can be tailored to a more traditional diet or a vegetarian or vegan diet.
When you purchase our online personal training full package we will email you with an online consultation form and we also ask for 3 photos ( front, back, side ) so we can monitor your progress and make any adjustments as needed.

Upon receiving this information back we will aim to get your nutrition plan designed and sent across to you within 72 hours.

Price - £90