injury & Rehab

Training for Recovery.

Why Is it that when life is going well we get injured.


It always happens… Training is going really well, nutrition is on point and you can see the results starting to show, you are feeling fitter, stronger, healthier and then from nowhere…. an injury.


We have all been there, half way through a set of squats and something just doesn’t feel quite right, you felt a little pop or a little tear or radiating pain down the back of your leg.  Instead of racking the bar, stopping training and going home to rest, we push on and convince ourselves it was nothing and to stop being “weak”.


In reality we are simply making whatever happened worse but we live in a society where we just have to get on with things and hope for the best.


That’s why here at V Physique & Circle 8 Massage we take injury prevention very seriously.  I see people on a daily basis who have injured or hurt themselves in the gym, through poor technique, lifting to much weight or simply not knowing how to execute the exercise properly in the first place.


All of our clients are taught proper exercise technique and given only exercises that they can perform safely. If a client cannot squat due to poor ankle mobility, we won’t let them squat until we have fixed the issue.  There are many exercises we can pick to hit the legs without having to squat.


Circle 8 Massage are one of Leeds leading Sports & Deep Tissue Massage practises specialising in treating your sore, tight and even injured muscles from the gym.  We see people on a daily basis with lower back pain, poor range of motion, knee pain from to much running and even things like weak glute muscles which can cause many issues.  We can diagnose you and treat your problem often through exercise, we can simply slot a small selection of exercises within your program that you won’t even notice, but that will fix your problem over time.


We have also worked with clients who have an operation coming up, we aim to strengthen certain muscles recommended by the doctor or physio hereby speeding up the recovery.  We have also worked with clients post operation to help them regain muscle and range of motion.


But hopefully if you have some Personal Training with V Physique you won’t get injured in the first place.  Look after your joints & muscles through proper training, correct exercise technique and not lifting with your ego.