Personal Training Leeds



So what Exactly is Personal Training?


Here at V Physique we see Personal Training as giving you all the skills to complete your gym workout by yourself, correctly, comfortably and effectively.  We want to motivate you, push you, help you and hit your goals with you.


We aim to teach you everything we know, everything we have learnt so eventually you won’t even need us ( seems mad considering we get paid to train people right?) but that is truly our aim.


Ultimately you may decide you still want training even when you are more than comfortable training yourself… but this will be down to wanting a Personal Trainer rather than “needing one”.


Having had a Personal Trainer myself, I know exactly what it takes and now have the knowledge & Passion to get you the same results.  With Personal Training you really do get what you pay for, so let me explain a little bit about what I do & what I offer.


Obviously every Personal Trainer in Leeds can train you in a variety of ways but each has an area they are more passionate about or are more qualified in.


Here at V Physique we specialise in Body Transformations, so completely changing your body and the way you look.  From looking to gain muscle, lose body-fat, get a bigger bum or just to look and feel better about yourself.  Ant is also a Level 4 Qualified Sports Massage Therapist and owns Circle 8 Massage so he also specialises in Movement, Injury & Rehab and pre and post operation.

We start of with a Consultation where we aim to find out as much about you as possible, how you feel, what you like and dislike in the gym, we set goals and set time-frames.  We also delve in to your nutrition and eating habits and get you to keep a food diary.  We take photos, bodyfat & measurements to monitor progress as this is a very important part of the process.


During the first Personal Training session, we will assess your strengths and weaknesses, what you find easy and what you find hard, exercises you like and dislike.  We will also check for postural issues, assess your range of movement and see how well you perform certain exercises.

After this we will design you a program that we do together, a program than you do in your own time which will compliment your personal training sessions and design you a personalised nutrition plan based on your food diary.  All of the above is designed based on the goals and time frames discussed within the consultation ( providing they are realistic of course).



I have 3 different session blocks available.

Fit "5" Block - 5 x Personal Training Sessions - £200  (£40 per session)

Perfect "10" Block - 10 x Personal Training Session - £350 (£35 per session)

All Out "30" Block - 30x Personal Training Sessions - £900 (£30 per session)

All Blocks contain the below:



Personal Dropbox Folder.

Personalised Training Programme & Personalised Diet Plan.


Full Nutrition Breakdown.

1 x 30 minute Sports Massage.


Bodyfat Analysis & Posture Assessment

Measurement Tracking
Before & After Photos

Help & Support.

Personal Training Videos