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What are the Benefits of Strength training for women?

Strength Training for Women

Why strength training is great for women

When you think of strength training there is a good chance that you will think of muscle-bound men working out in the gym. Of course, strength training is incredibly popular for men, but that doesn’t mean that the girls can’t reap the benefits from it too.  

As a Personal Trainer I ensure all my female clients do some form of strength training whether it be to get bigger and stronger or to help strengthen certain areas of the body which in turn will help with another area of their training.

Many women can be put off of strength training as they may worry that it isn’t going to be the right way to tone up their body. However, the truth is that strength training is just as great for women as it is for men and here are just some of the reasons why.

It will help you to look lean and toned

One of the biggest misconceptions of women and strength training is that it causes women to look too bulky, too masculine. This simply isn’t the case, strength training tends to be low reps, therefore you may get stronger and slightly thicker muscles but they will not get “big” in a sense.  Resistance training on the other hand tends to be in the 6-12 rep range, you will get stronger and your muscles will also grow.

Unfortunately muscles do not grow anywhere near as fast as some people would like to believe, it takes months to notice a difference and due to females having less testosterone than men your muscles will not grow quite as fast, so there is no reason to worry about getting “too big”.

Think of it this was, to be “toned” ( I hate this word ) we need to have some form of muscles mass which will give us the shape and then we need to have a low enough body fat so we can actually see the muscle, its a double edged sword.  It will not matter how much muscle you will have if it’s covered by body-fat.

Strength training and resistance training both help to build muscle and make you stronger providing you are in a calorific surplus.  Then on the opposing side, strength training and resistance training will ensure your body doesn’t use muscle as a fuel when you are in a calorific deficit and undo all the hard work of building the muscle in the first place.

Your muscles, bones and joints will feel healthier

It might sound obvious, but one of the best things about strength training is that it can help you to strengthen your muscles and make sure that they feel the best that they can. Not only this, but strength training is also great for your joints and bones too.  A strong muscle is a healthy muscle and muscles are there to protect your body.

Anxiety will be reduced

Anxiety is something that more and more women are finding has an impact on their life. One of the best ways to try and reduce anxiety, stress and even issues such as depression, is exercise. Working out, including strength training, will release endorphins into your body, which will help to lift your mood. It will also give you something else to focus on, aside from your anxiety, which will also help you to feel better.

You will feel great about yourself

We all could do with a confidence boost from time to time. A bit of a push for our self esteem. One of the best things about strength training is that it is definitely going to make sure that you feel great about yourself. That you feel you are beautiful and of course that you are ready to take on the world as a strong woman.

It is time to push the men aside when it comes to strength training and let the girls take their place. Whether it is to look good, to feel better about yourself or perhaps to make sure that every part of your body is as strong as it can be. Strength training is 100% the way to go for any woman wanting to make the most of her training plans.

So if you have been thinking about hiring a Personal Traineror want to get stronger and fitter send us an email or come and see V Physique in Pure gym South Leeds.

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