Online Training Plans



Personalised Workout Plan designed for Males & Females.

An effective and easy to follow Personalised workout plan designed for one reason only, to achieve your goals.  There are plenty of places online where you can find workouts that are great and work really well…. but for other people.  Everyone is different, people find certain things easy and certain things hard, this is why a generic online training plan no matter how good it is will have one flaw : It wasn’t designed for you.


Here at V Physique, our personalised training programs are designed purely for you.  We take in to account your body type, what you enjoy and don’t enjoy doing, the time frame you would like to achieve your goal.  We choose only the most effective exercises, tempo, sets and rep ranges.  We even take in to account your range of motion and any previous or current injuries you may have as we certainly don’t want to aggravate anything.


Our Training plans are designed for results, therefore you will need to stick to it 100%. If the plan said you rest for 60s then you rest for ONLY 60s, we see it all to often in the gym people resting for 5 minutes in between sets, playing on their phone or having a chat, these are the same people that will never see any results.  

To ensure you are completing the exercises correctly, we will not only explain how to do them but also send you a video of each exercise within your plan, these videos will show you, not only how to do the exercise correctly and more importantly safely, but also the correct speed, variations of the exercise, explain how to breathe correctly and also show you exactly where you should be feeling the exercise on your muscles.


We are also available to contact whenever you like to discuss your program and we can make changes along the way to ensure your results are consistent.


When you purchase one of our online training plan we will email you with an online consultation form and we also ask for 3 photos ( front, back, side ) so we can monitor your progress and make any adjustments as needed.

Upon receiving this information back we will aim to get your training plan designed and sent across to you within 72 hours.


Price - £50