Client Transformations

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words.

So here is a selection of Transformations I have completed over the last 7 years as a Personal Trainer.  Duration's range from 6 weeks to 6 months, the one thing in common with all of these Transformations was hard work, determination and not giving up.

During any Personal Training Transformation I like to set little mini goals along the way to ensure my client stays motivated but it's also nice to achieve little achievements along the way prior to hitting the overall goal.

No transformation is the same as everyone has different goals, lifestyles and even time they can commit to actual training, this is why we also offer our online training packages for people who aren't in the Leeds area or don't have the time to commit to having Personal Training sessions.  Within these transformations, we fixed injury's and postural imbalances, improved health and wellbeing and put smiles on many faces.

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