Transformation challenge 

DNA Transformation Challenge


So what is the DNA Transformation Challenge!?


This is a 9 week challenge in which we aim to transform your body through a combination of diet and exercise.  Not only will you get the most amazing results there are also prizes on offer for the best Transformation. We aim to teach you the best way to train and  show you not only how to diet effectively but show you how to diet long term rather than your typical "crash" diet.  During the challenge we will push you, motivate you, probably shout at you but we guarantee after the 9 weeks you will thank us for it.


The DNA Transformation Challenge consists of :



8 x Personal Training Sessions

8 x Private group classes

DNA Training Booklet

DNA Nutrition Booklet

Photos & Measurements.

The cost of the Challenge is £250 which is extremely good value.


We start the process by finding out exactly what you want to achieve within the 9 weeks, we take your measurements and photos, we set realistic goals and targets, this could be anything from gaining weight to loosing weight or hitting a personal best on a deadlift..  The Personal Training sessions are personalised for your goals and every Saturday there is a private group class purely for people to the DNA Transformation Challenge.  This class changes on a weekly basis and can vary from a Circuit class to a boxing & pads class.


You receive a DNA training & nutrition booklet which covers everything from your diet & macros, how to prevent injuries, correct exercise technique and it also contains a selection of workouts from easy to hard which you can do in your own time alongside the personal training.


One thing we can promise is that on the DNA Transformation Challenge you WILL get results!


At the end of the challenge, we redo your measurements and photos to see how well you did and how many goals you hit.  Each member of the challenge then votes for who they think undertook the best transformation and the person with the most votes wins a prize.  The Personal Trainers running the challenge also vote to ensure everything is fair.


We have had some amazing Transformations on this challenge and it ends up being quite a social event.  We always go for a meal and drinks at the end!


Sign up for the DNA Transformation Challenge below!

Starts Monday the 30th of September.

Payment: £250

If you would prefer to pay via bank transfer instead please transfer the payment to Ant:

Account number - 50494836

Sort Code - 20 -60 -64

Or Via Paypal



The premise of the Fitness Challenge is to attend as many of the classes as possible within the 8 week period. We will set goals with each of you individually, along with measurements, start/finish photos to track progress, and nutrition seminars will be hosted to boost your knowledge on everything food related.

The challenge is structured as follows:


  • Four 1 hour classes per week which combine spin, bodypump, HIIT and bootcamp. You can attend all 4 classes in the week 

  • Two 1 hour personal training sessions to be used within the 8 week period

  • One 45 minute massage to be used within the 8 week period

  • Class times will be in the morning and/or evening. 

Class Timetable:

Monday 6am - Spin/HIIT

Wednesday 6am - Bodypump/HIIT

Friday 7pm - Spin/Bootcamp

Saturday 830am - Ant Varenne Special!


Challenge Packages:

Full 8 week subscription includes up to 32 classes; 45 minute deep tissue massage; Two 1 hour PT sessions - Early bird offer £169 (£91 saving) DD option £21.13pw

16 classes - £120

8 classes - £80

Single classes - £12.50