Vegetarian & Vegan



Vegetarian or Vegan specific nutrition & eating plans.


Vegetarian and Vegan diet choices are becoming more and more popular but there really isn’t much info on the internet when it comes to loosing weight or gaining muscle on these types of diets.


An easy way of dropping calories on a normal diet would be to cut the carbs because its generally what people indulge on, the main issue with a vegetarian diet but especially a vegan diet is that a lot of the protein sources available also are quite high in carbs.  Therefore it can be quite difficult to get enough protein in a diet without overdoing the amount of carbs.


One of my old clients (she moved away) was Vegan for a very long time and tried many diets prior to completing a Transformation with myself.  I designed a Vegan specific diet based on foods she enjoyed to go alongside her personal training program, her Transformation was amazing and she actually ended up winning a £500 voucher from


Our Vegetarian & Vegan nutrition plans are based around whole foods rather than meat substitutes and we try and vary the meals to ensure it doesn’t feel limited or boring in anyway!  Don’t let anybody tell you can’t get just as good results on a vegetarian or vegan diet compared to a more traditional diet as its not true.  Consistency, sticking to your macros and daily calorific intake are far more important that your overall food choices.


When you purchase one of our online nutrition plans we will email you with an online consultation form and we also ask for 3 photos ( front, back, side ) so we can monitor your progress and make any adjustments as needed.

Upon receiving this information back we will aim to get your nutrition plan designed and sent across to you within 72 hours.


Price - £60